Electronics & Applications Trade in Jaarbeurs

Electronics & Applications Trade on Tuesday May 30 till Thursday June 1 in 'Jaarbeurs' Utrecht.

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Alusta Parts and Maintenance

Logo Alusta

Alusta Natuurlijke Ventilatietechniek B.V. in Etten-Leur has been put into liquidation by the Court in The Hague.

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Fan-Controller ventilation system

Press release:
More information about Fan-Controller ventilation system.

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LogiCvent ventilation system

Press release:
Information about LogiCvent system.

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Muco Technologies on Facebook

Muco Technologies BV is now also on Facebook.
Follow our latest news on our Facebook page.

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IR faucet

We developed the control electronics for the Miscea’s complete infrared taps product line (Classic, Kitchen and Light).
The new concept is built around the Cypress PSOC 5 family.

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