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Holin Waterproof Electonic Connectors

Holin Waterproof ConnectorsAs from 2012 Muco Technologies BV has the representation of Holin waterproof connectors.

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BracketsMuco Technologies BV has been designing and producing I/O brackets for more than 12 years.
Currently Muco Technologies BV is presenting a large range of brackets.

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Phase Colour Determination System  FUU

Fase Uitkleur Unit FUUVoltage free determination while the cores are short-circuited to earth. In addition to faster and easier use, working with the FUU is especially safe.

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Hi-Lo Systems

Hi-Lo Systems

Hi-Lo develops professional and affordable universal programmers for R & D and manufacturing facilities.

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Im- & Export

import en exportICs & Semiconductors, Computers, Embedded Development Tools, Computer Boards, Computer Peripherals, EDA/CAE, Communications and Test & Measurement.

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Industrial Miniature Gas and Liquid Connectors

Canshow connectorsMuco Technologies BV is not representating Canshow Group anymore.

Green Bus Stop Display
Stop display system for the company Surtronice

Pascalle+ for Bergschenhoek

Orderpicking system
Orderpicking system for collecting orders


  • ABM
  • FAST & FLUID Management

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Green Bus Stop DisplayPascale+Orderpicking System